"In every neighborhood, all across our country, there are good people insisting on a good start for the young, and doing something about it."


~ Fred Rogers


Key Issues


Responsive & Responsible Housing

Fact 1

Orem's rapid population growth means limited housing options for renters and first-time home buyers. 

Fact 2

Preserving the integrity and upkeep of our neighborhoods in the midst of housing development is of greatest concern to Orem residents.


Affordable housing requires a collaborative community and free-market solution to build new or renovate existing housing along mixed-use zones. 

Funding for Public Safety: Orem Police & Fire

Fact 1

Orem's police force is underfunded and understaffed, creating a burden on our officers and risking public safety.

Fact 2

Ensuring the solvency and success of Orem's public safety programs relies on taxpayer support, yet raising property taxes must only be a last resort.


Through gradual budget improvements, we can invest in and retain qualified safety personnel rather than suffer the loss resulting from high turnover rates.

Sustainable Growth for Orem's Present & Future 

Fact 1

Orem's population boom also means we will need to find smart solutions to organize and sustain our growth.

Fact 2

Solutions that address public fears of an overcrowded and disorganized city are more likely to succeed.


Intelligent infrastructure planning for housing, public transportation, utilities, and public facilities involves modern solutions like xeriscaping and a rapid bus transit system along commercial routes.


Meet David

David Halliday is a civil engineer with a degree from Brigham Young University. His past experiences living in the developing country of Paraguay, coupled with his education in civil and environmental engineering, have taught him the importance of proper city planning and infrastructure development. He has an understanding of roadway maintenance, water resources, modern sustainability solutions, and other facets of municipal  infrastructure, which have served him well both in his career as a truss designer and as an active Orem resident who regularly participates in civic responsibilities.


Over the past four years, David has dedicated his time to various nonprofit groups in an effort to enrich others' community experience. He brings this same passion for outreach and inclusion to his moral and political values. Like television's Mr. Rogers, David believes that, "In every neighborhood...there are good people insisting on a good start for the young, and doing something about it." Aspiring to this ideal, David invites you to join him in ensuring Orem remains a safe and successful city for generations to come.


Find David at These Events

  • Orem City Council Work & Public Sessions
    City of Orem City Hall
  • Summerfest Parade and Fireworks
    City Center Park
  • Hope4Orem Faith Walk
    Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
  • Orem Rotary Pancake Breakfast
    City Center Park
  • Bold Ideas on Tax Reform - Workshop
    Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Summerfest Pool Party
    Scera Park Pool
  • Orem Summerfest Kick-Off Party
    The Orchard at University Place

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